Reflection on Living and Working on the Web

This module was a different learning experience from any classes I’ve had throughout my schooling years, it’s the first where classes are fully conducted online in three pretty intensive weeks (not going to lie), having to write posts and comments everyday – that means reading materials and sourcing for extra research that help substantiate our point within a couple of hours, that’s pretty intensive isn’t it? But then again, I enjoyed the luxury to work while moving from café to café; just like an actual blogger, and sometimes laze in my PJs but still get work done.

The video provides a short summary of what I’ve done and how I’ve developed a professional profile online having gone through the module.

Prior to this module I would never engage in discussions online (excluding comments on friends’ profiles) especially on topics that much more serious such as ethical issues raised by social media (topic 4). I was wary, what if my arguments I leave now look ignorant a few years later? What if my future boss googles me and strikes me off his/her candidate list because I didn’t present myself well enough online?

Boxed up in red were three challenges I faced.


Challenge 1: Leaving digital footprints of my opinions and arguments

As described in the paragraph above, I was afraid that my posts today would haunt me in the future but I realised what the problem was. I was afraid of looking ignorant because I was unable to evaluate information presented to me. I realised the difficulty I faced in filtering information from the readings provided, and could not critically evaluate them to formulate my arguments. External research proved to be tougher, with the wide base of information, it felt as though I was constantly lost. The more I read, the more I practiced, I found myself getting better at evaluating information and it became less tedious to write my post. Moral of story: if you don’t want to seem ignorant, read and research.

Challenge 2: Leaving comments for others

I viewed collaboration with others as the typical blogger/model advertisements on social media, which was a false impression. Constructive criticism they call it, is also a form of collaboration where an idea is built upon though questioning of concepts. The difficulty in this was making sure that while what was being said should be correct and factual, but how it said was more important. In topic 3 under developing an effective online presence, I explored what it means to be tactful even with disagreeing views with others and was able to build on ideas that made my arguments more whole.

Challenge 3: Using media tools as a voice

Despite being a digital resident, I was not tech-savvy and found it hard to make use of all the potential tools to better engage my audience. While I struggled quite a bit with Powtoons, I tried another platform called Moovly which helped created that beautiful video you see. There’s no way around this; I just have to keep practicing and experimenting!

They say challenges makes one grow; in this case having survived these three weeks I’m just glad to have gotten better, or rather improved in one way or another.

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