Ethical issues raised by Social Media PT 2

As the title suggests, this post is a follow up from my previous entry which talks about Identity Theft. If you haven’t read it you can read it here. Ethical issues consist of a broad range of problems and Identity Theft is merely one of them. Being aware of such issues allows individuals to be better protected against them, thus here’s two other problems summarized from Brenden and Jeremiah.

Censorship/Availability to information

Brenden talks about how businesses are being more cautious about posting information that is contrary to their beliefs, leading to censoring or repress of information.

Clearly shown in the video above, the company in name is Facebook.

In the video, it mentioned that Facebook uses the injection tool to manipulate topics that come under the trending list, which then questions the reliability of news and information that we are exposed to everyday.

When individuals are constantly exposed to one particular type of news, it creates a perception that it is always right, and anything opposing that ideas is wrong. Such closed minds or ‘bubble’ as Brenden calls it, is detrimental to innovation, but greater than that, it could possibly bring about bigger societal issues. “A closed mind is a dangerous mind.”

Dirty Competition

Jeremiah talks about how companies use underhanded means, mainly leaving false negative feedback and deceptive tricks such as buying positive reviews (shown below) as their business strategy to stand out from their competitors. Although he recognises that it is unethical, he believes that this is “just business” and as long as the reviews are factual, it is acceptable.

Putting professionalism aside, such shady practices may only be useful temporarily in the short run.

With many more of such ethical issues rising, one thing is for sure: consumers and people on the internet NEED to learn to better filter information presented so as to avoid being victims of the web.

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