Here’s the way to developing an online presence that will guarantee you a job PT 2

It’s interesting to observe how a similar matter can be approached in different view points. While my previous post covers one, this post summarizes another two more from Shafiq and Zai. If you’ve managed to check these three pointers off your checklist to developing a great online presence, you’ve got a pretty good chance of securing that job position!

1. Highlight your intrinsic qualities

In my previous post I talked about the changing landscape of Talent Management and how employers are no longer looking for the ‘classic’ resume but rather try to keep an eye out for non-essential steps that applicants have taken to showcase intrinsic qualities that do not come across as strongly on resume, such as passion, dedication, creativity etc. You can read more in detail here.

2. Devote time and effort

Shafiq’s post talks about a prevalent trend of of shifting towards digital recruitment. To understand this, I researched possible reasons and according to the 4th Annual report on Australian Recruiting Trends by LinkedIn Talent Solutions (2015) , it found hiring volumes outstripping hiring budgets. This means that recruiters must do more with less and a great way to do is through digital recruitment. Shafiq further elaborates on the use of Linkedin’s and why it is important which brought me to conclude that Linkedin is very effective if the applicant takes time and effort to maintain it’s profile, otherwise a pretty normal account wouldn’t help in enhancing job prospects. Which is probably the reason why only 10% of jobs are filled out using Linkedin. (Photo from Jobvite attached below)

3. Be professional at all times

Zai on a separate note talks about how companies are associating their success with right employees who work well with their managers, accrediting social media platforms as a better recruitment platforms to find such individuals. He proceeds to explain how to develop an effective digital profile through self-branding, and we both agree that the most important step is to maintain professionalism; that means being tactful and reflect proper speaking etiquettes.

With that, go ahead and make a difference!

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McDonald, L. (2016). [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Nov. 2016].





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