Let’s talk about You; and hundreds other perceptions of you PT 2

In my previous post, I talked about managing online personas and multiple identities where people demonstrate different parts of themselves to different expectations, undoubtedly affecting others perceptions of them. It is further substantiated by Jia Jun who talks about people tailoring their different characteristics to different platforms. As a result, what we see is what they want to show. Joletta‘s post provides support where she quotes from Nicole Lee “people have diverse, rich lives that aren’t contained within a single idea and personae” and suggests that different platforms serves as a stage to reflect the multiple roles people play, linking to the concept of partial identities.

So bringing it back to main question: should we, or should we not have more than one online identity? In my opinion, I think that the cons of having more than one identity outweighs the pros.

While multiple identities allow creativity and space to explore topics outside of ‘normal or routine’, the intentions of having multiple identities are highly questionable. We have to be aware that people do take advantage of different platforms to merely put on different masks for different occasions, which may very well lead to undesirable behaviours because of the anonymity to be someone else without being judged. Also, multiple identities can leave people wondering if its partial information, or made up information, because there is no transparent identification of the individual, unlike Facebook.

With that, I’ll conclude my thoughts with an opening used in Joletta’s blogpost; identities in reality are already complicated, what more online?

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