Digital Visitors and Residents PT 2

After reading through different posts of friends on the same matter, we have all grown to understand a little more about the digital world. The descriptions of ‘Visitors’ and ‘Residents’ were well communicated in the posts read and I glad to say that i’m no longer an alien to the concept.

As opposed to the traditional natives immigrants concept, this framework adds value to what we know about the digital age where it shows how people effectively use it to learn or build professional online profiles.

One particular article I read was able to clearly distinguish the difference between the two behaviours, at the same time incorporating his personal examples to show how each each behaviour can be effectively portrayed was through shafiq’s post, where he talks about how he has a presence digitally and uses it for work and casual communication. Then he talks about how his mother being a digital immigrant, was tech-savvy but is only a digital ‘visitor’, making use of the web to look for cooking recipes and air tickets etc. This not only demonstrated the difference between concepts but also started people thinking about how companies can understand the present situation to optimize their chances for organisational digital success. 
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