Visitor VS Resident; what am I?

A Digital ‘visitor’ versus a Digital ‘resident’, sounds completely alien to most of us. What am I, and why is this important?

Here are the definitions by (, 2016)
The ‘Resident’

The resident is an individual who lives a percentage of their life online. The web supports the projection of their identity and facilitates relationships. These are people who have an persona online which they regularly maintain. This persona is normally primarily in a social networking sites but it is also likely to be in evidence in blogs or comments, via image sharing services etc.

The ‘Visitor’

The Visitor is an individual who uses the web as a tool in an organised manner whenever the need arises. They may book a holiday or research a specific subject. They may choose to use a voice chat tool if they have friends or family abroad. Often the Visitor puts aside a specific time to go online rather than sitting down at a screen to maintain their presence at any point during the day. They always have an appropriate and focused need to use the web but don’t ‘reside’ there. They are skeptical of services that offer them the ability to put their identity online as don’t feel the need to express themselves by participating in online culture in the same manner as a Resident.

I’d like to think that I’m both a visitor and resident, depending on the websites or applications that I use. For starters I don’t use all social media there is present, eg snapchat and linkedin, but out of all social media apps i am only the most active on Instagram. Only on Instagram I try to keep an online presence, but the other apps i just go to when i need to look for something or someone, surely I’m not the only one?

So why is this important?
Eventually time will turn majority of what we know into the digital age, more and more functions will be digitalised and knowing what type of people are on your digital following base can help companies to perhaps effectively target their products and services to the people intended for. This is a great way to start the module of Living and Working On The Web as it opens up discussions and thoughts on the increasing, yet possibly ineffective use of technology.

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‘Residents’. [online] Available at: [Accessed 3 Nov. 2016].


4 thoughts on “Visitor VS Resident; what am I?

  1. Hi Vivian! Your blog post is officially my first comment on wordpress!

    You have written a very clear and well-explained post, and anyone not familiar on this topic would be able to get a gist of it just from reading your post. However, I feel that you should have elaborated more on your personal take and understanding on this, showing us your own opinions and thoughts. It would have been more interesting.

    I too am both a resident and visitor, but I think I personally lean more towards the resident end of the spectrum. I support your concluding statement on how many functions will soon all be digitalised, and you have demonstrated an understanding on this topic by inferring that it is important for companies in the future to be able to target their customers well.

    Your post has been very informative, and adding your opinion always makes it more interesting!


  2. Hi Vivian,

    I definitely agree with you that it is essential for companies to be aware of the database of users on their social media platforms. As the world is modernizing efficiently, technology is playing a critical role in our lives. We might not be a digital ‘Resident’ who maintain our online persona regularly, or rely heavily on the web, but we cannot deny that technology is an essential need in our daily life. Companies can cater marketing campaigns based on their different social media platform database; and even based on what people search for online (search engine marketing).

    However, I disagree that it depends on the websites or application one use to know if he or she is a visitor or resident. I would feel that it depends on the individual’s usage and the purpose of the web.

    Thank you for the post!

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